Konferenz  /  July 02, 2018  -  June 05, 2018

WasteEng 18

7th International Conference on engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorisation

"WasteEng2018 is an International Conference of high Scientific and Technical standard dealing with original and prospective themes. This event will gather the main stakeholders in the field and provide tremendous opportunities for Companies:

– directly involved in the Energy and Environmental business related to Biomass and Waste

– that use Biomass, Residues and Waste as feedstock for the production of Chemicals, Energy, and Intermediates for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Food industries

– that produce and use renewable resource of energy (Solar, Biomass)

- that develop equipments, processes or service for Energy and Environmental issues" (Source: WasteEng18)

Fabian Stenzel

Lectur: »Thermo-catalytic reforming of digestate«