Bayern Innovativ, Cluster Forum, Nuremberg  /  July 17, 2019

Synthetic Fuels - Production, Application, Business Models

Synthetic, renewable energy sources (green power fuels) are an essential pillar for a successful energy turnaround. They offer a climate-neutral option for applications that are difficult to free from emissions through the direct use of renewable electricity.

In this sense, the forum is an excellent platform for companies, the energy industry, local authorities and research institutions to exchange ideas, learn from each other and to coordinate and network for new, joint projects to create a sustainable energy supply.

Dr. Robert Daschner, Head of the Energy Technology Department, will participate in this Cluster Forum and will inform about the TCR technology developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT.

The title of his lecture will be: »Residual fuel to fuel - Green fuel from biogenic waste«.

Background Fraunhofer TCR process

The TCR process (Thermo-Catalytic-Reforming) developed by Prof. Hornung together with Fraunhofer and the Fraunhofer spin-off "Susteen" can use sewage sludge as well as a broad base of biomasses and residues, for example wood residues, fermentation residues from biogas plants, waste from beverage and paper production or municipal biowaste fractions.

In addition to high-quality oil as an intermediate product for fuel production, the TCR process produces product gas and biochar. These components can be used for energy production or as soil conditioners. Due to the high hydrogen content of the product gas, it is also economically possible for the first time to carry out on-site hydrogenation of the oils and to produce fuels that comply with standards locally.