online conference  /  June 16, 2021  -  June 18, 2021

International Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering towards Sustainable Development – An Industrial Perspective

Responsible consumption and production require focus on greener aspects as the end result with zero or minimal environmental impact, energy efficiency, benign chemicals (raw materials, solvents and products) with economic feasibility. For this, concepts of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering need to be incorporated in every process/product/system to share the idea/work/collaboration and ultimately achieve the goal of sustainable development through a greener way a common platform. The conference is one of the global events to provide an insight into the latest developments in green chemistry and engineering. The conference brings all stakeholders from academia, research, industry and society to exchange ideas in the areas of: 

Green Processes in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals 

Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals 

Green and Sustainable Chemistry in Environment 

Eco-friendly Polymeric Materials 

Green Nanotechnology 

Process Intensification Techniques in Green Chemistry and Engineering 

Waste to Wealth 

Renewable Energy and Clean Energy 

Future Trends in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Any other area relevant to the theme of the conferenc

Prof. Hornung will give a lecture on the topic: »Green crude, fuels and hydrogen from sewage sludge and organic residues«