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Here you find a selection of current videos about the research of Fraunhofer UMSICHT.


New green Biofuels

The Thermo-Catalytic Reforming (TCR®) converts solid biomass into high-quality energy and nutrient rich carriers in a multi-stage, thermal process. The raw materials are initially subjected to pyrolytic decomposition during the process. By means of several integrated thermal process steps, products of unparalleled quality can be produced. In total, 75 percent of the energy content used is converted to biogenous products of the highest quality. By this process route, pure oil, product gas, and high-quality biochar are produced.

The Biobattery - Thermo Catalytic Reforming TCR®

The concept of the Biobattery incorporates multiple conversion technologies targeting the economical and environmentally friendly storage of surplus energy. The Biobattery was developed with the target to use surplus electricity from the grid to convert and thereby make available the energy locked within the vast amounts of existent and unused organic residues. The Biobattery includes multiple tech-nologies, such as biogas plant elements, thermal storage systems, pyrolysis systems and motors for power generation purposes. A core element of the Biobattery is the Thermo Catalytic Reforming TCR® process, which uses residual biomass and converts these to oil, gas and char.

inFARMING® - Agriculture in another dimension

The overall target of inFARMING® is to connect existing green house technologies with new concepts, innovative process technology and material research to meet the specific requirements of building integrated agriculture and to advance and realize technical, economical and ecologically beneficial implementations. The cultivation in special green houses, which are integrated in areas of high population density, poses a resource and area preserving possibility of horticulture. The research plan inFARMING® concentrates on already existing rooftops. inFARMING® the integrated production of food in the city by using the metabolic cycle of an existing facility lowers the energy usage, the carbon dioxide emissions and the resource consumption of food production. The image of the city is enriched positively.

Center for Energy Storage

The Center for Energy Storage was founded by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT and IGB in Sulzbach-Rosenberg and Straubing in 2012. The Center focuses on research & development of integrated and decentralized conversion and energy storage technologies. These include mobile and high temperature heat storage systems, as well as chemical conversion processes, such as pyrolysis and methanol synthesis for production of storable liquid and solid fuels from residual waste streams. A further part of the work is dedicated to the analysis and subsequent integration of these novel technology concepts in the energy landscape, covering the various aspects of regulation, grid requirements and social acceptance. The Center aids companies and interested municipalities to assess the full potential of renewable energy technologies from the development of the process to the plant demonstration on site.

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