Thermal Process Technologies



Thermal Heat Storages


Combustion Technology


Reduction of Emissions

Our portfolio covers innovative processes and facilities for the decentralised and energetical use of biomass, biogenic residues and waste as well as mobile and stationary thermal energy storages. These include sensible (packed bed), latent and thermochemical heat storage systems to valorise (waste) heat.

Our test areas and laboratories containing test stands and special technical devices to assess and develop furnaces, filter systems and thermal energy storages. In addition, our technical center contains a flue gas treatment and an extended online gas analysis to realise professional and application-oriented research and development.


Energy from Biomass and Waste

The aim of the research group Energy from Biomass and Waste is to enable economically and ecologically concepts for the energy production from biomass. Therefore, existing processes of common Combustion Technology are optimized on the one hand and new processes are developed. On the other hand Reduction of Emissions is ensured due to the optimization of existing processes so that emission of pollutants can be removed efficiently and economical from flue gas streams.


Thermal Energy Storage

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of biomass conversion and industrial processes using stationary and mobile thermal energy storages. Research focuses are process technologies and materials for sensible (packed bed) high temperature heat storages, latent heat storages for low, middle and high temperatures as well as researching on thermochemical storages.