Recycling of Composite Materials

© Fraunhofer UMSICHT
© Fraunhofer UMSICHT

The iCycle®-prozess


The iCycle® process is a thermo-chemical technology able to separate many different materials. In the process, plastics and further organic materials are thermally decomposed in an oxygen-free atmosphere. Thus, not only contained metals and fibers are gently disintegrated, but also high-calorific fuels can be gained as oil and gas. The iCycle® process is able to fully separate and eliminate pollutants such as halogens or dioxins in order to win products of a unique quality.


One of the iCycle® technologies major fields of application is the treatment of shredder residues, which are generated during the mechanical processing of end-of-life vehicles or electrical and electronic equipment. Although they still contain many
valuable metals and energy, commonly, such residues are treated inferior in combustion plants or are even landfilled.
For operators, the iCycle® process enables a production of a metal concentrate, which can be sold directly to metal recycling plants such as smelters. Gaseous and liquid fuels, produced with the iCycle® process, can be used energetically not only to deliver energy for the process, but also for further applications in the form of heat and electric power.


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