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Recycling technologies


Chemical recycling

Fraunhofer develops processes for chemical recycling of plastics / plastics recycling. In particular thermochemical processes, purification of pyrolysis oils and...


Downstream processes for defossilized chemistry

Catalytic conversion of regenerative feedstocks



The iCycle® technology platform stands for Intelligent Composite Recycling. It offers solutions for the recycling of composite materials, e.g. electronic scrap or GRP and CFRP.

Conversion process for biomass


TCR-Technology - Green crude oil from waste

With TCR technology, a large number of biogenic residues can be converted into liquid, crude oil-equivalent energy sources and chemical raw materials.


Synthetic fuels from waste biomass

A standard-compliant diesel or petrol fuel is produced with the patented TCR® process from residual materials such as sewage sludge or organic waste.


Carbonization and biochar

Research and development for the generation of carbonization and biochar

Combustion processes and process heat


Combustion technology and emission reduction

One focus of our development and research work is on systems and processes for the optimal energy recovery of residual and waste materials.


High temperature heat storage systems

Metallic heat accumulators can store process heat and make process steam generation in industrial power plants more flexible.

Waste management strategies and LCA


Waste management strategies and circular economy concepts

With more than 20 years of experience in waste management analysis and consulting, we support you in making your waste and ressource mangement future proof. 


Life cycle assessments LCA

ISO-compliant life cycle assessments / LCAs for waste management and new technologies.

Comprehensive services


Industry Lab

Our offer to companies: Cooperation with our scientists on site for digital innovations in energy, recycling and process engineering.