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15th Summer Symposium

On 27.06.2019 the designers of the energy and raw material change from industry, science and politics will meet in Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

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Green gasoline from sewage sludge

Starting signal for a large-scale Fraunhofer UMSICHT plant for the production of biofuels from sewage sludge on 7 November in Hohenburg / LK Amberg-Sulzbach.

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Fuelband2 project

Pre-warning system for slag-free plant operation

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Barbecue coal from brewers spent grain

The project "KWKplusBierkohle" wants to increase energy efficiency in the brewing process and generate a climate-neutral barbecue coal from spent grain.

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Model region for waste management in Tunisia

The government plans to improve waste management in the country. The »wild« dumping of waste is to be reduced.

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How efficient are electrostatic precipitators for biomass combustion systems?



Green gasoline from sewage sludge: Ground-breaking ceremony for a demonstration plant



15th Summer Symposium Fraunhofer UMSICHT


Bayern Innovativ, Cluster Forum, Nuremberg / 17.7.2019

Synthetic Fuels - Production, Application, Business Models

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