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  • Project: Phy2Climate

    February 25, 2021

    Phy2Climate - A global approach to reclaiming agricultural land through a combination of phytoremediation, biofuel production and climate-friendly copper smelting.

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  • Christmas and New Year Greetings from Sulzbach-Rosenberg / 2020

    Merry Christmas, stay healthy!

    December 20, 2020

    We thank you for the trustful cooperation and your support in this extraordinary year. The crisis has shown us once again what a transformation of the economy towards sustainable energy production and recycling of resources also means: becoming more resilient to disruptions. Many of our ongoing projects, as well as new ones, are helping to increase the resilience of our society.

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  • Electrochemical wastewater treatment generates hydrogen

    Press release / October 19, 2020

    A novel electrochemical purification process for highly contaminated process wastewater is to generate hydrogen at the same time. In the AECO H2+ project, a test stand with electrolysis cell is being set-up to undertake test for industrial use of the technology. The project is carried out by Fraunhofer UMSICHT at its Sulzbach-Rosenberg site with the industrial partners DiaCCon GmbH (Fürth, and Blue Eden CleanTech Inc. (Calgary, Canada, and is funded within the framework of the Central Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Enterprises (ZIM).

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  • EU Project ToSynFuel / 2020

    HyGear PSA delivered to To-Syn-Fuel plant site

    July 01, 2020

    © Hygear

    In the To-Syn-Fuel plant, sewage sludge is converted in Fraunhofers Thermo-catalytic reforming (TCR) system into valuable solid, liquid and gas fractions. The produced liquid bio-oil is refined to suitable fuels using the hydrogen from the produced TCR gas fraction. Hydrogen is separated from other species, like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane using one of project partner HyGear’s key technologies: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA).

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  • Sustainable aviation fuels with Fraunhofer TCR technology / 2020

    flexJET wins KETBIO Award as most innovative EU biotech project

    Press release / June 18, 2020

    Out of more than 300 EU-funded biotech projects, the flexJET project for the production of sustainable aircraft fuels was selected as the one with the best chances of commercialization. The prize was awarded by the industry experts of the European KETBIO Biotech Transfer Initiative. Within the framework of flexJET, 1200 tons of sustainable aviation fuel are produced from used cooking oils. The hydrogen required for the hydrogenation of the oils comes from biogenic residues. It is produced using the TCR® process developed by Fraunhofer.

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  • Waste Management Plan for the Emirate of Kuwait / 2020

    Installation of 100 Online-Electronic Noses in the Emirate of Kuwait

    Press release / June 03, 2020

    © Dar Al-Bea’a

    Since January 2017, the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology in Sulzbach-Rosenberg has been working on a waste management plan for the Emirate of Kuwait on behalf of the Kuwaiti environmental authority. As part of the air quality monitoring sub-project, a network of 100 online electronic noses, or eNOSES for short, was installed in odour-intensive areas with a focus on waste management facilities and fully commissioned in April 2020. The aim is to monitor odours online continuously over the long term. eNOSES are devices that perceive odours in a similar way to a human nose and can therefore detect anomalies.

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  • Press release / 2020

    BioBrick: Biomass for sustainable brick production

    March 12, 2020

    Using the example of a brick plant, the »BioBrick« project shows how process heat and residues from biomass plants can be used for industrial brick production. In the project, a wood gasifier provides the heat (500 - 1000°C). The carbonaceous residues from the gasifier are used as porosification material in the brick. This cascade utilization reduces disposal costs, improves the product properties of the brick, saves fossil fuels and increases the cost efficiency of the process. The project consortium consists of plant manufacturers (Burkhardt GmbH) and users (Ziegelwerk Ernst GmbH & Co. KG). The project coordination and accompanying research is carried out by Fraunhofer UMSICHT.

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