Cooperation with the University of Bologna: Fraunhofer Innovation Platform FIP

Cooperation in the field of carbon management

The Sulzbach-Rosenberg branch of Fraunhofer UMSICHT and the University of Bologna (UniBo) have transferred the long-standing cooperation between the two institutions into a Fraunhofer Innovation Platform (FIP).

Fraunhofer Innovation Platform FIP building in Marina di Ravenna
Laboratory facility of the TCR process developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT at FIP / University of Bologna.
The analytical laboratory in Bologna.

The goal of a Fraunhofer Innovation Platform FIP is the transnational transfer and commercialisation of scientific research results. In the cooperation of the participating research institutions, new business models are to be developed from which competitive advantages for industry arise.

Under the title Waste Valorization and Future Energy Supply, the FIP, with the participation of UMSICHT and UniBo, is looking at the provision of sustainable substitutes for fossil carbon. This can come from biogenic sources and from waste. The joint development work is intended to benefit above all industrial sectors that cannot be decarbonised or can only be decarbonised with difficulty, such as the chemical industry. By enabling them to access climate-neutral carbon sources and by closing carbon cycles, the industrial partners are to be supported in the transformation to a climate- and resource-friendly economy.

This can be achieved, for example, with the help of thermochemical conversion technologies such as the iCycle or TCR technology developed by UMSICHT. In this way, biogenic but also fossil-based waste can be utilised energetically and materially. Target products are carbonisates, basic chemicals, synthetic fuels as well as hydrogen and sustainable process heat. 

In the FIP, the competences of both partners are bundled for the benefit of industry and an integrated research and transfer service - from basic research to commercialisation - is made available.

The range of services and contact information for the FIP can be found at: