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The energy production from biomass is an essential part of the future energy supply in Germany. For that reason we focus our analysis on combustion and emission behavior of biogenic waste materials, fuel conditioning and the development of combustion systems and exhaust gas treatment systems.


Combustion Center

Production residues and other waste materials are by-products in many production processes. By using these residues as alternative fuels, large energy and economic potentials can be exploited. The thermal utilization of non-woody fuels, however, requires special combustion technologies due to the partly difficult combustion properties.


Energy from Biomass and Waste

The energy production from biomass is particularly important for the future energy supply. Biomass is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and is available permanently and reliably in contrast to other regenerative sources.

Press Releases


Press Release / 12.9.2019

Predictive combustion control in waste incineration plants

Online fuel analysis enables predictive control


Press Release / 22.7.2019

Digital Fire: Biomass combustion digitized

Research project combines digitization and process engineering