Project InterPyro - Application of the Fraunhofer UMSICHT TCR® Technology

Research on sustainable soil improvement and CO2 neutrality using vegetable carbon from biomass pyrolysis processes.

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Fraunhofer UMSICHT is researching ways of using plant charcoal obtained from TCR® pyrolysis processes for biomass. In the InterPyro project, biochar is used for sustainable soil improvement and a CO2-neutral process chain is created.

The InterPyro project combines circular economy and sustainable value creation with climate protection. Accumulating residual biomass is converted into biocoal using the pyrolysis process developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT (TCR® - Thermocatalytic Reforming). In addition, products such as gas and oil are generated, which can be used as energy sources. The biochar obtained is to be used for sustainable improvement of soil quality - a CO2-neutral process chain is created.  

The structural nature of the plant charcoal enables the long-term and sustainable storage of water and nutrients in the soil and thus improves the growth conditions of plants. This leads to higher yields. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding this project.

Learn more about our research and development on vegetable carbon / biochar by carbonization / pyrolysis.



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Loading of plant charcoal with nutrients for soil application in the InterPyro project.
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Application of the plant charcoal and slurry.
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Test area comparison - left with and right without biochar loading.

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