Trade fair  /  June 05, 2024  -  June 06, 2024

Fraunhofer UMSICHT presents research technologies for chemical recycling at Chemical Recycling 2024

Fraunhofer UMSICHT is participating with an exhibition stand at AMI Chemical Recycling 2024 in Brussels. This trade fair focuses on research into the potential of chemical or advanced recycling to convert plastic waste into new materials. The scientists Dr. rer, nat. Alexander Hofmann, Thomas Fehn and Tobias Rieger from the Advanced Carbon Conversion Technologies department, who focus on research into recycling technologies and downstream processes, will be on site.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT in Sulzbach-Rosenberg primarily develops thermochemical conversion processes as well as treatment and purification processes for intermediate products resulting from raw material recycling.

Depolymerization of plastics

The aim of thermochemical conversion is to depolymerize the plastics, i.e. they are broken down into monomers, i.e. low-molecular chemical building blocks. The resulting compounds, which are found in the pyrolysis oil or gas, can be recycled for polymerization. They form basic chemicals that are suitable for the production of plastics in virgin material quality.

In addition, research and development work on the new development and optimization of downstream process routes for mineral oil substitutes, e.g. pyrolysis oils, synthesis gases, halogenated hydrocarbons or Fischer-Tropsch products, will be presented. One focus is on the removal of heteroatoms.

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