Symposium  /  May 09, 2019  -  May 10, 2019

Raw material innovations and raw material efficiency


Fraunhofer UMSICHT Sulzbach-Rosenberg is represented with two speakers at the symposium "Raw Material Innovations and Raw Material Efficiency" in Pfinztal, Baden-Württemberg.

Martin Nieberl, Department of Environmental Services, will give a lecture on the topic: »Extraction of secondary raw materials containing tantalum from real waste streams«.

The lecture by Dr. Peter Hense, Group Leader Recycling Technologies Group Leader reads: »Thermochemical recovery of indium from L-displays with chlorinated wastes«.

You are welcome to arrange appointments with the speakers in advance. In this case, please contact Mrs. Julia Kast, who will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

5th Symposium on Raw Material Innovations and Raw Material Efficiency

The sustainable use of natural resources is one of the essential tasks of the future. Availability bottlenecks and volatile raw material prices require clear innovations in the raw materials sector and make the necessary processes an important economic factor. An essential goal must be to significantly increase resource efficiency and to optimize the added value of both the products made from these resources and the intermediate products.

At the symposium, measures for resource efficiency and industry- and material-dependent strategies and technologies will be presented and discussed. In addition to raw materials for iron and steel production as well as non-ferrous metals, the industrial minerals potash and rock salts and stones and earths are a particular focus. The focus is on measures to secure raw materials, recycling and secondary raw materials, new processing technologies and environmental protection measures. The symposium is intended in particular to contribute to the scientific and technical exchange on the subject of raw material efficiency and resource optimisation and to bring together people from industry, politics and society, from research and development and from the application of "raw materials". It provides a communication and discussion platform for partners from a wide variety of raw materials sectors. Technology trends, introduced technologies, funding opportunities and economic perspectives for innovative products or processes will be presented and discussed.