Renewable Energy

Biogenic residues for decentralized power generation, the development and operation of decentralized plants for electricity and heat generation and conversion processes for the production of basic chemicals are the topics of our department. Studies on energy efficiency and plant operation complement the portfolio.
For practical developments we have on 400 m² different conversion systems including an advanced online gas analysis available. Mobile measuring units can be used directly at customers sites.

Thermochemical Processes

Storable fuels can be generated by means of thermo-chemical and chemical conversion processes by using renewable energy. The focus is on the thermo-catalytic conversion of biomass for the production of oil, gas, coal and conversion processes for the production of basic chemicals.

Energy Efficiency and System Research

Due to the energy transformation towards Renewables new requirements of the energy system occur. The demand of energy storage requirements and energy system transitions are a focus of the work. Also the flexibility of power plants and energy efficiency in production processes are subject of our work.



Combustion Technology

Firing development and –technology

Use of biogenic residues and waste

Optimization of biomass heating- and EBS-power plants as well as MVA


Reduction of Emissions

Flue gas cleaning

Catalytic filter

Emissions and immission measurement in the field and pilot plant


Thermochemical gasification

Gasification of biogenic residues und biochar

Online analysis of the gasification products

Line-up of mass- and energy balances


Thermochemical conversion

Transformation of biogenic residues into oil, gas and coke (TCR®)

Operation of test campaigns on a laboratory and pilot scale

Feasibility study of the TCR® of biogenic residues

Decentralized synthesis (Hydrotreatment & Methanol)

Hydrogenation of pyrolysis liquids to EN-compliant fuels

Conversion of synthesis gas to liquid fuels

Synthesis of short and long-chain alcohols


Thermal Heat Storages

Heat accumulators for medium and hight temperature applications

Phase change material from 60 °C to 500 °C

Material characterization and cycle testing of sensitive, latent and thermochemical storage systems

New projects Renewable Energy


Sustainable and climate-neutral: Transforming waste into hydrogen


EU project Phy2Climate

A global approach to reclaiming agricultural land through a combination of phytoremediation, biofuel production and climate-friendly copper smelting.


Electrochemical wastewater treatment generates hydrogen

Research project AECO H2+


Biomass for sustainable brick production

Project »BioBrick«



From Farm to Market: Converting Animal Manure into Fertilising Products


Combustion control in waste incineration plants

In »AdOnFuelControl«, a predictive control system for incineration plants is to be developed in a concrete application example for waste treatment.  


Digital Fire: Biomass combustion digitized

Research project combines digitization and process engineering



EU project »The Demonstration of Waste Biomass to Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen«


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